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Natural Hemorrhoid Cures And Treatment 2012

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Zenmed® Hemorrhoid Treatment System Review



The Zenmed® Hemorrhoid Treatment System is comprised of two products:

Zenmed® Ensa capsules

Zenmed® Ziro cream


Zenmed® Ensa capsules are easy to swallow and begin working instantly. It carries out the necessary internal work so that your system returns to its proper working order.



The ingredients which work to stimulate the bowels to produce healthy movements and heal any damaged tissues include psyllium seed husk, cascara sagrada (bark), black walnut (husk), guar gum (leaf), wheatgrass, lactobacillus acidophilus, citrus pectin (fruit),  oat bran (seed kernel), rice bran (fiber), golden seal (root), aloe vera (leaf), marshmallow (root), slippery elm (bark), barley malt (fiber),  plant-derived cellulose, magnesium stearate , and rice flour.


Zenmed Ziro cream is great for providing the immediate relief of external hemorrhoid symptoms which include pain, burning, itching, and bleeding. Zenmed Ziro is a natural treatment that is applied directly to the affected area.



The cream contains herbal ingredients such as sage, coltsfoot, yarrow, chamomile, and aloe vera which have astringent and anti-inflammatory properties.


Zenmed Ziro calms inflamed tissue immediately on contact, repairs and speeds healing of torn or damaged tissue, is a natural anesthetic that makes bowel movements less painful, lubricates the anus, and restore normal blood flow to the rectal area. It does this through an advanced trans dermal formulation technique so that the all-natural ingredients are absorbed for the fastest and maximum relief.


To look at Zenmed Ziro in a little more detail, it is worthwhile to know what the natural ingredients are and what they do.


One of the ingredients is aloe vera. Aloe vera reduces pain almost immediately and is noted as an anti-inflammatory. It is part of the formula’s base and it also acts as a carrier for the other formula ingredients which it takes through the outer layers of the skin so that the healing process can begin on the inner layer quickly while these ingredients are still active. This is considered one of the best features of Zenmed Ziro because it is at the inner skin level that the real healing takes place.



How To Use Ziro Cream?

You apply the cream directly on your hemorrhoids and there are no side effects at all. If you apply more cream than necessary, nothing bad will happen. The excess cream might be wasted as it might be too thickly applied for it all to penetrate your layers of skin to get to work healing the damage caused by hemorrhoids.



Where To Buy?

You can buy Zenmed Ziro  (2.5 fl oz / 75 ml) for $34.95 plus shipping and Zenmed® Ensa capsules in bottles of 60 for $24.95 plus shipping directly from the website, www.zenmed.com/bodycare/hemorrhoids.


ZENMED® Hemorrhoid System

1 Set of ZENMED® Hemorrhoid System

- $ 59.90 $ 51.90 (Save $8) - try now


2 Set ZENMED® Hemorrhoid System

- $ 119.80 $ 99.95 (Save $19.85) - get discount here


4 Set ZENMED® Hemorrhoid System

- $ 199.60 $ 115.70 (Save $83.90) - get discount here


Both come with a 60-day no hassle guarantee. It does not matter what the reason is, you may return your product within 60 days of purchase and receive a full 100 percent refund of the price.


The shipping and handling is not refunded. Refunds are limited to one order per person and you have to return all bottles, used and unused, to receive a full refund on your purchase.  



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