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Natural Hemorrhoid Cures And Treatment 2012

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Neo Healer Reviews



Neo Healar is a completely herbal treatment that has been developed from a traditional hemorrhoid remedy. The traditional components are four plants. These are:

Lupinus albus

Vateria indica

Menthe piperita

Aloe vera


You might know these as lupin, piney varnish tree, peppermint, and well, the aloe vera is well known under any name. The lupin has an essential oil extract that is 10,000 times more powerful than vitamin E and 5,000 times more powerful than vitamin C. It speeds tissue healing.


Vateria Indica is a tree resin with anti inflammatory and healing properties. Mentha piperita reduces hemorrhoid pain and itching. Aloe Vera has gibberlin and polysaccharides and these help healing and provide an anti inflammatory action.



How Does It Work?

These components of Neo Healer hemorrhoid treatment cream soothe the irritated and swollen tissues instantly so you feel immediate relief from the burning and itching. They also heal the area because of the anti-inflammatory effects. Neo Healar also helps veins shrink back to their regular size and since hemorrhoids are swollen veins, this is a very positive thing.


Another positive effect of Neo Healar is that with the increased blood flow rectal area, tissues are repaired much more quickly. Because the area is lubricated, it is easy to have a bowel movement which means that the feces does not keep continuous pressure on your anal canal keeping it swollen and itching.


Studies have shown Neo Healar to be 93.7 percent successful in treating hemorrhoids. Neo Healar comes in two forms:




The ointment comes in 30g sizes and suppositories come in packages of 10. The ointment is the treatment you should use to begin with. While you can use suppositories for internal hemorrhoids, the ointment has the double benefit of being the solution for the more common external hemorrhoids that can also be used for internal hemorrhoids as it comes with an applicator that allows you to use it internally as well.



Direction Of Use

The recommended usage is three times a day for three weeks. Using Neo Healar treatment cream on a regular basis over a few weeks is the secret to being 100 percent hemorrhoid free. Your anal veins need this time to shrink completely and it is only by healing the veins that you can keep hemorrhoids from returning.


You should apply Neo Healar after a bowel movement because if you have a bowel movement within four hours of applying Neo Healar, the bowel movement and wiping will remove the ointment and therefore delay the healing process. If this does happen, just reapply the ointment. There are no side effects. After all, this is entirely natural.



Where To Buy?

Neo Healar can be ordered from the website, www.hemorrhoids-help.com. One tube of ointment sells for $29.95 and the 10-pack of suppositories sell for $19.95 but there are ongoing specials such as buying three ointments or suppositories and getting one free.


You can also buy a combo of ointment and suppositories for $49.90 or buy three and get one free. There is a 120-day, no questions asked guarantee of a 100 percent full refund even if you return an empty tube.



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