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Natural Hemorrhoid Cures And Treatment 2012

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Take Care Of Hemorrhoid At Home



Over The Counter Treatment

Over the counter (OTC) hemorrhoid treatments can be great for dealing with hemorrhoids. Internal hemorrhoids are not easily treated with OTC treatments and the best way to deal with them is to change lifestyle habits to stop the problem before it gets any worse.


Suppositories might be the best bet as they sooth the anus as well as the lower part of the anal canal. However the real problem is with external hemorrhoids because they are somewhat exposed to the elements.


Creams and ointments are ideal and if you can apply these with your fingers it helps as the entire affected area can be covered. These treatments contain some or all of these elements – anaesthetics to dull pain and itching, vasoconstrictors to shrink blood, protectant to protect from irritation, astringent to aid in healing and corticosteroids to stop inflammation.



Drink More Water

Drinking enough water also helps to keep the stools from getting to hard as there is enough fluid in the body to draw water into the bowels. These two factors are essential for general health and general health is greatly dependant on not having fecal matter clogging your bowels where it can create ongoing bowel problems.



High Fiber Diet

A high fiber diet creates the necessary bulk that you need in your alimentary canal to sweep the debris out of your system. To keep your bowels moving you need the bowels to have the kind of peristaltic action that keeps the muscles rolling along your bowels to keep the stools moving to the anus.


If there is not enough water and fiber, the stools get hard and impacted and the muscles cannot move them along to be expelled from the body without a lot of pushing and squeezing. Fiber gives the necessary bulk to keep the stools from being hard little pellets and thus the peristaltic action has something to work on.



Exercising – even a five minute walk can help but the more the better – keeps blood flowing so it is less likely to pool in hemorrhoids, keeps the bowels peristaltic action going, improves body function and generally keeps your insides from being too sluggish.



Sitz Bath

A sitz bath – really a bathtub with a couple of inches of water and maybe Epsom salts (but the hot water is the important part) – is ideal for settling down the pain and itch of external hemorrhoids. Try a sitz bath three times a day for 20 minutes each. This helps with the blood flow, with the comfort, and with shrinking the hemorrhoids.



Anal Hygiene

Anal hygiene involved wiping with soft undyed toilet paper, keeping the area clean either with a warm damp facecloth or a cleansing tissue, and treating any sign of external hemorrhoids with the appropriate ointment or cream at their first appearance.




Cryotherapy or cold treatment is the process of freezing the hemorrhoid with Ice pack . The effect is that the freezing is to reduce pain or swelling of hemorrhoids.




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