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Foods to avoid hemorrhoids



Like so many of the health issues we have, hemorrhoids are related to what we eat. Since the anus is the end of our digestive system just like the mouth is the beginning of the digestive system, what we eat has an effect on the anal area.


We all know about the positive effect of bran on our bowels.


But there are other foods that are good for hemorrhoids and foods that are bad for hemorrhoids.


The following list of foods to avoid hemorrhoids contains foods to avoid and foods to eat. This list also works to help relieve hemorrhoids if they are already a part of your life.



Foods To Avoid

Coffee dehydrates you and one of the ways the body handles a shortage of water is to release less of it into the bowel which means there is not enough water to soften your stools so they get hard and press on your anus when you try to pass them. This can force your veins to enlarge and then the hard stool can force the veins outside your body. These are your hemorrhoids.


Alcohol also dehydrates your body with the same result as coffee-caused dehydration. Alcohol also makes your liver work harder. An overworked liver can also cause constipation so alcohol has a double effect on the performance of your bowels.


Eggs are often on the list of foods to limit – usually for cholesterol reasons. Eggs are very high in protein and since protein can constipate you, consider cutting back on your egg consumption.


Red meat is the same as eggs. Being high in protein red meat causes constipation.


Sweets tend to be high in fat which overworks the liver and like alcohol this puts extra stress on your bowels.


Spicy food should be avoided if you already have hemorrhoids. The logical reason is quite obvious. Hot and spicy foods will create spicy stools and if you already have hemorrhoids, the burning sensation caused by passing chili-laden stools can be excruciating.



Foods To Eat

Berry juices, especially dark berries such as blackberries and blueberries, contain anthocyanins and proanthocyanidins. And these are both known to reduce the pain of hemorrhoids because they strengthen the vein walls. Cranberry juice is particularly good too.


Raspberries are tasty berries that have the same effect as berry juices.


Currants are berries with high levels of vitamin C and rutin. Like the berries mentioned above, these are good for relieving and preventing hemorrhoids.

Ginger, garlic, and onion are great additions to any casserole or stew and all three have the ability to break down fibrin which can then repair damaged body tissue, including arteries. If there is too much fibrin arteries can become inflamed and the anal arteries are particularly sensitive.


Oils such as olive oil and flax seed keep your insides functioning well and the oil keeps your bowels functioning smoothly.


Psyllium is a real bonus to hemorrhoid sufferers. It is easy to add to soups and casseroles but the easiest way of all to take psyllium is in capsule form.



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